WTS> PSP 2000 Piano Black(SOLD)

Item(s): PSP 2000 Piano Black (CFW 5.50 Prom 4), 8GB memory stick(Magic Gage supported) + 2 in 1 charger cable, AC adapter, pouch.

Price: SOLD

Warranty: no warranty.

Dealing method: COD Penang/postage elsewhere.

Location of buyer: Penang.

Contact method/details: pm me

Age of item: About 4 years…

Item(s) conditions: Psp only can be turned on if it is connected to an ac adapter. Not sure of the problem though. Minor scratches on the silver ring at the back of the unit. Other than that, screen, joystick and buttons all no problems.
Want to offload it as haven’t play it for a long time.