WTS Futaba MJ & Sanwa MX3 RC Radio System

  1. Futaba MJ 2PHKA AM 2-Channel Radio (2nd hand)
    Throttle, Brake, Steering Trim
    EPA (End Point Adjustmant)
    Built In Charging Jack
    Steering Dual Rate
    Battery Level Indicator
    Includes FP-R122JE AM Receiver, 1 unit S3003 Servos, Servo Horns, Crystal 1 pair.

Condition 9/10
RM 200 (nego)
Item in Miri Sarawak.

  1. Sanwa MX-3
    Optimum third channel switch location
    Big LCD display
    Adjustable (70/30) Throttle trigger
    Low battery warning
    High performance micro 3 channel receiver RX-311
    Ni-Cd charger jack in transmitter
    Sound Beep(On / Off)
    Digital Trim inicators (throttle and steering)
    Dual Rate Steering
    EPA Steering, Throttle, AUX
    ARC Memoery (5)
    Sub-Trim Steering, Throttle
    Servo Rev Steering, Throttle, AUX
    Battery Voltage Display

Includes Transmitter, Receiver and FM Crystal 1 pair.

Condition 9/10
RM 380 (nego)

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