[WTS] Flying Mole DAD M100 ( monoblock amp )

Hey there hi-fi freaks,

I am posting on behalf of my friend whom is letting go of this marvelous Japanese made monoblock class D amp.
This is a home hifi amp.

The model is Flying Mole DAD-M100pro HT
Power rating :160-watts / 4 ohm,100-watts / 8 ohm
more technical specs FLYING MOLE DAD-M100 pro or http://www.dolphinmusic.co.uk/shop/flypage/product_id/5545

Review of this amp from Soundstage:

My personal opinion on this amp is that:
Plenty of power, drives my Epos M5, Rogers Ls35/a no problem.
Very warm sounding amp eventho its a Class D
Sounded very near to a tube amp.
Do Take note as this is a monoblock, you will need a Preamp unless your cd player has pre output.

enough of those BS now pics says it all:

Box of it

Both Taken from side

Bothe Taken from Back

Front view of the amp

Back View


Please read the specifications given.
Condition is remarkable 8/10
Let go price is [size=150]RM1500 /size please provide reasonable price, we are selling not doing CHARITY.
Contact person for fast reply ( Terry Tan 0168008896 )
Or u can PM me.

Thanks cheers,

Item sold,
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