[WTS] Desktop PC and PC Games

(PC Sales) #21

yes , i build gaming desktop base on ur budget and needed ,
the price can be around from cheapest RM1200(basic pats) till RM40000(Full Highend pats)

for example how about this one

RM 2965
Intel i5-3470 Quad-Core Desktop Computer(Win7 Ultimate 32bit/64bit)
-Intel 3rd Generation Core i5-3470 Quad-Core Processor, 3.2GHz /77W /6Mb Cache
-ASUS LGA 1155 socket, P8B75-M LX, Intel B75 Express Chipset m-ATX MotherBoard
-WD 500Gb 3.5 Hard Disk / 7200rpm
-Kingston 4Gb RAM DDRIII 1333MHz
-SamSung 24X SATA DVD-R/W Drive, DVD-Writer
-Lexma PS/2 Keyboard with Optical Mouse
-TATU USB Multimedia Speaker
-AeroCool Strike -X ONE Advance ATX Casing(Front Panel USB3.0)
-Xigmatek Tauro 600W(XTK-TB-0600B) 80+Bronze Power Supply
-Asus GTX 650TI Boost - DC2O - 2Gb DDR5
-SamSung 19 LED Monitor, S19B150N, 16:9, 1366x768

*Contents above can be include, exclude or upgradeable, please refer below.
*Every pats and hardware you purchase will help doing the hardware and software installation which include Format.
*Every Desktop PC You purchase will giving FREE 15 PC Games which choose by yourself.

Intel i3-3220
Intel i7-3770

Asus P8-Z77M

Hard Disk
WD 1TB / 2TB / 3TB

Kingston 8Gb RAM DDRIII 1600MHz

Graphic Card
Galaxy GTX 650 1Gb DDR5
Asus GTX 660 TI - DC2O - 2Gb DDR5
Asus GTX 780 3Gb DDR5

Samsung LED Monitor 19" / 22" / 23" / 24" / 27"

Keyboard , Mouse , Speaker , Desktop Casing , Power Supply
can choose basic and cheapest pats
Gaming pats (80+ power supply , gaming mice keyboard . gaming casing , etc.)
ask for price list if needed

if u needed , i can explain to u in chinese detailedly through PM

(PC Sales) #22

Updated 30/8/2013 , added

  1. Saints Row 4 (English Version or Chinese Version)
  2. Sniper: Ghost Warrior 1 - Gold Edition (English Version or Chinese Version)
  3. Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 (FULL DLC) (English Version or Chinese Version)
  4. Spec Ops: The Line (English Version or Chinese Version)
  5. Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Blacklist (English Version or Chinese Version)

(PC Sales) #23

Updated 8/9/2013 , added

  1. Castlevania : Lords of Shadow Ultimate Edition(English Version or Chinese Version)
  2. Lost Planet 3(English Version or Chinese Version)

(littleladybug) #24

no sims 3 and expansions? :smiley:

(PC Sales) #25

give full name i try to find

i not familiar with sims series

(dannysii) #26

if game u isntalled somehow corrupt got lifetime warranty to help re-install?? and also black ops2 can play for online or not?

(PC Sales) #27

YES , got lifetime warranty just in this case
Same game on Same PC(desktop or laptop) just bring PC here i will re-install for u
p/s: Must same game on Same PC

Black OPS 2 now have promotion activity on STEAM
just open ur STEAM and download Black OPS 2 from STEAM
then u can play multiplayer on STEAM FOR FREE (but cannot play single player story mode)

mine version of Black OPS 2 can only play single player story mode (but cannot play multi player online mode)

(Jack LYS) #28

can you pm me for i5 3470 price?

(Jack LYS) #29

pm me about price i5 3470

(PC Sales) #30

i5-3470 , RM670

(jopeny86) #31


Can i bring my HD or pendrive to ur shop? Quite troublesome to bring along the CPU around.

(PC Sales) #32


Can i bring my HD or pendrive to ur shop? Quite troublesome to bring along the CPU around.[/quote]

yes , u can , as long as u know how to install the game urself

suggested bring ur portable external hard disk
if pen drive , make sure it have space that over 25gb

(jopeny86) #33

do u open during saturday?

(PC Sales) #34

Monday till Saturday
from 9:30am - 6:30pm

in case ,
check with me thro this no. 012 - 876 7765
can sms or call

(PC Sales) #35

Updated 9/10/2013 , added

  1. PES 2014(English Version or Chinese Version)
  2. NBA 2K14(English Version ONLY)

(PC Sales) #36

Updated 21/10/2013 , added

  1. FIFA 14 Ultimate Edition(English Version ONLY)
  2. Total War: Rome II(English Version or Chinese Version)

(PC Sales) #37

Updated 8/11/2013 , added

  1. BattleField 4 - Digital Deluxe Edition(English Version or Chinese Version)
  2. FIFA Manager 14(English Version ONLY)
  3. Football Manager 2014(English Version ONLY)

(PC Sales) #38

Updated 10/11/2013 , added

  1. Call of Duty 10 : Ghosts(English Version or Chinese Version)

(PC Sales) #39

Updated 11/11/2013 , added

  1. Batman: Arkham Origins(English Version or Chinese Version)

(PC Sales) #40

Updated 15/11/2013 , added

  1. OutLast(English Version or Chinese Version)