WTS 雪潔 Cosmos Soylove ( 健康养生机)

Cosmos Soylove I

It seems our lifespan has prolonged since entering 21st century. No doubt there’s achievement and advancement of medical research but yet we are more concern of the daily food intake. When food is a simple, uncomplicated pleasure and is enjoyed as a natural part of being alive, then it provides a solid foundation of good health. In fact, a cereal is rich in vitamins and minerals, it consists of antioxidants, it is fibre rich, it has amino acids and etc. It reduces the risks of high-blood pressure, cholesterol; it can smoothen the flow of glucose in the blood, improve our energy, get rid of toxin and maintain body weight. Cosmos Soylove I with its automatic function could easily prepare all kinds of delicious cereals for you and your family.


  1. Speedy food processinng

    • The processing time takes about 20-30 minutes
  2. Easy to clean

    • Easy to disassemble for cleaning
  3. Safe in use

    • Water sensor :
      Checks the operation without water
    • Assembly condition sensor :
      Checks the operation when the assembly is incomplete
    • No foaming or overflowing of water
      (the sensor detects the foam condition and temperature)
  4. Convenient to store

  5. Easy to make food

    • Automatic process


, I

  1. 2030

Cosmos Soylove II

Through the awareness of health, the natural organic food is becoming popular. From the intake of raw food, it has increased the absorption of fiber and vitamins.
Seiketsu Soylove II :- A well prepared raw food machine gathered with its, and .

Ways to fix time to prevent lost of vitamins
Beepbeep sound indicated stop
Unique creation to safeguard usage
New double grinding creation for proper stirring and juice producing
Unique double level geared blades enable fiber dissolved perfectly
Function simplicity due to the creation of micro-computer
Attractive and beautiful creation.


II ~

For more information then can login to http://website.seiketsu.com.my/eng/family-series.asp

wah so super duper. what price?

China’s product?

hehehehe…acutually this already quite famous at West Malaysia already! then someone bring them in this year i guess!! 2 for RM2601.00
actually they got sale 1 by 1, but i not sure with d price yet! mybe tonite will update it. if sekaligus buy both (RM2601) then will free 1 resipe book.

Korean product

i think i heard something like this… from… radio…~

ya…actually it’s really a health product. everything u made is using natural verg. or fruit. (DIY)

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is it multi-level marketing?

hum…i guess so…

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bring up my post!

the problem is the soylove II is ridiculous…a small blender at RM1400+? wth??

RM1421 was added with another MUG. If u know this product well then maybe u wont say it’s ridiculous :slight_smile:

bring up my post

bring up my post

bring up my post