[WTS] Corsair 600T black Casing

Selling my corsair 600T casing, used seldom and now have upgraded. Looking RM300.

And o bought from Stratos of course :stuck_out_tongue:


wow jst sold ur half x n now ur corsair? thts fast hey haha

si beh cheap sumore.

buy gi wat ya waiting for hoho

na beh i just bought his casing u want me to dismantle everything and buy this one again? i lazy man.

excuses saja haha

Temptation and ur recommendation i bought the damn lian li mah ; ; anyways the case in stratos shop so if anyone interested go there have a look.

goood choice on the lian li…if i knew it ealier b4 i got my corsair casing…its in my room nw haha

damn it!! now lian li or this one… hmm. cheap price for a good casing Ooooo… tempting… tempting…

p.s. robertline84 - You need woofers man!!! hehehe

noyze: enuff of the woofers ■■■■■ i got more woofer than u …u better start getting some for urself…n also please tapau frm mr-type-r ya! f OFFF hahahahaha

robertling84, hahaha I know man! Mr.Type-R annoys me everyday about the woofer! so i vent on you lor hahaha today lunch? hehehe

lunch? nah i pass…need 2 do sales sigh

Do sales? You work? really? heheh

interesting to read this private conversation here

blatant disregard for the terms and conditions…

how do I report this?

yawn…jst go to MOD …yawn…

Noyze: shall we dinner some time haha…missss all the ■■■■ sesssion

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Wah very lively thread i have to say keep me on top in mc.net but no c a single person interest in the casing reply lmao…

Casing got people reserve d boss… hehe… Just reserve…

Can come and take your $$ from me d… ahaha…

is the case still available? and have every accessories included?