[WTS] - Cornsnakes, Frogs & Newts

Hi, I’m new here. I really hope I don’t step on anybody’s toes by coming and posting rightaway in the sales thread on the first day I register. :slight_smile: Anyway, I’ve been around in the pet circle for sometime and am hoping that people here will accept me as well.


1. Name: Amel corn - Baby
Quantity available: 1 [AWAITING FEEDINGS - open for reservations]
Price: RM300.00

2. Name: Amel Motley corn - Baby
Quantity available: 1[READY TO GO]
Price: RM340.00

3. Name: Candycane corn - Baby
Quantity available: 1 [AWAITING FEEDINGS - open for reservations]
Price: RM340.00

4. Name: Mandarin Newt (Tylototriton shanjing) - Unsexed adults
Quantity available: 2
Price: PM to inquire

5. Name: Chinese Tree Frog (Hyla chinensis) - Unsexed juvies
Quantity available: 2 - both have slight noserubs
Price: PM to inquire

Dealing method:
No reservations please. Solely based on first come first serve basis.


Basic caresheets available at:[/b] www.google.com

Contact method/details:
PM please.

Guarantee: All my animals now come with a 7 day guarantee. Buyers are entitled to a full refund should any of the animals be received in unsatisfactory condition or display any signs of illness. Rest assured that I won’t skimp on food and will continually do my best to provide the best possible living conditions for the animals before they go to their new homes.


  1. Buyers advised to be above 18 and know what you’re committing to.
  2. Please do some basic research prior to any inquiries. And be polite. =)

Payment methods accepted:

Note: We also have some tarantulas, scorpions & pedes available for preorders. PM for more details![/size]

may i know any baby snake available at the moment?