[WTS] Chinese New Year Cookies

Ribbon Cookies

  • Butter, Flour, Tapioca Flour, Custard Powder*
    350g / RM17.00
    Texture of these cookies is soft, with the taste more likely to be the same as butter cookies but not as oily.
    [attachment=1]ribbon cookies.jpg[/attachment]

Coffee Cookies

  • Coffee, Flour, Butter, Castor Sugar*
    300g / RM17.00
    Faint coffee aroma, bit sweetness without bitterness comes from these cookies. Soft when holding it but crunchy when biting it.
    [attachment=5]coffee cookies.jpg[/attachment]

Peanut Cookies

  • Peanuts, Sugar, PFlour, Cooking Oil*
    400g / RM19.00
    Cookies contain finely-ground, coarsely-ground and halved peanuts which produced these compacted cookies. Less oily which also decrease the hardness of cookies.
    [attachment=2]peanut cookies.jpg[/attachment]

Orange Aroma

  • Orange, Butter, Flour, Rice Flour, Sugar*
    350g / RM17.00
    Nice fragrance of orange flavour, bit of sourness and sweetness that will increase appetite. Orange aroma will still left inside your mouth for quite sometimes.
    [attachment=3]orange aroma.jpg[/attachment]

Sugee Cookies

  • Sugee, Flour, Ghee, Castor Sugar*
    400g / RM19.00
    Crunchy because of sugees texture with a sweeter flavour. Though it feels sandy in your mouth, you wouldnt feel annoyed to bite it more.
    [attachment=0]sugee cookies.jpg[/attachment]

Carrot, Red Onion, Cucumber, Vinegar, Sugar
500g/900g / RM15.00/RM25.00
Combination of different types of taste: sour, sweet, spicy. These flavours will just excite your appetite to continue eating which is the best when chewing together with keropok

Melting Moments

  • Ghee, Flour, Milk Powder*
    250g / RM15.00
    No adding of butter or corn flour to harden the cookies, so it is very soft to be hold and fast melting once inside your mouths.*
    [attachment=4]melting moments.jpg[/attachment]

Almond Flowers

  • Grounded Almond, Flour, Butter*
    300g / RM21.00
    Though it looks like some other butter cookies, it tastes a bit salty with almond aroma. Price is higher due to the expensive ingredients costs.
    [attachment=6]almond flowers.jpg[/attachment]

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