[WTS] Cheap Branded Flashdrives and SD/MicroSD cards

Hi all :slight_smile:

I have some good stuff for you.

  1. 4GB Sandisk microSDHC with Sandisk MicroMate USB reader

  2. 8GB Memorette USB flashdrive (USB 2.0) (Made in Korea)

  3. niKKin 8GB USB Flashdrive (USB 2.0)

  4. niKKin 4GB USB Flashdrive

  5. RM15

  6. RM19

  7. RM19

  8. RM14

All items are brand new sealed.

Personal warranty: 1 month

Thanks :slight_smile:

Picture and conditions please. Thank you.

All are brand new sealed.

Picturesโ€ฆ as soon as i can get a camera


still available :slight_smile: thanks

do you have the 2GB Sandisk SD card? if got i straight buy from u.