[WTS] Cen CT4S-fastest out of box r/c car(73.4mph)

info---->>> http://www.rccartalk.com/ct4s.html

-come with a protoform Mazda6 bodyshell…
-crystal and transmitter not included…
-everything is in very good condition…
-everything is original except servo had changed to hpi
-free custom made air cleaner(only one in the world)

Things needed to run it-
1)2ch transmitter
2)a pair of crystal
4)12AA battery (8 transmitter,4 car)
5)glow plug

ASKING FOR RM700(negotiable)
-car only,without 2servo and a receiver will be RM600
-add RM20 for high capacity 2400mAH glow plug(no charger)

-West malaysia=RM30
-East malaysia=RM25

can pm or email me if interested… (denieru94@yahoo.com)

Wah brother, why suddenly wanna sell. We just started nitro ooo…

my ep is craving for lipo and some parts…
and no fuel oso…cant play…
unless everyone got nitro then don wan sell…lol…

wah want sell a? goodluck with ur sales bro. LoL

eru… ur sis wan buy from u for rm1000 =)

gulp im not poisoned by nitro ahh! dyii, u buy laa. u havent got nitro bah. kekeke

bo lui la… u buy liao gimme lor… or u gimme money then i buy.


indirect bumps arent allowed. use the bump button instead.

What is the fuel to run the car?

Petrol ah? lolx. Noob question here

nitro fuel…

and where is the bump button??
still cant find it leh…


lelong lelong!!!
the car vy fast… 73.4mph worrrr!

teamGD will help u upgrade upon buying? will u?? upgrade everything.

upgrade what oh??
upgrade like sky one arr??
RM800 for engine only oo…lol…

ya… nvm la… teamGD pay…

wah i no pay oh…
good stuff!! xD