WTS Car stuff

  1. alarm used RM50 only
    pics: http://img708.imageshack.us/img708/4064/03122009358.jpg
    reason sell: installed steelmate

2.used Imperial Concept PLASMA PRO Power Discharge Ignition System (Made In Japan) RM230
u can view the details here… http://www.imperialconcept.com/prod08.htm
pics: http://img31.imageshack.us/img31/1497/03122009360.jpg

  1. 2" projector fog lights like brand new… rm 80
    pics: http://img441.imageshack.us/img441/2949/03122009359.jpg

interested call at this no 0168295087 kegan

projector fog light with bulb or without?

those fog lights can put on kenari ka? where to put oh?

yeah with bulb…bro

lol kroll… where ever u want can put… just bring to shop very easy done…

what light is inside the projector? i mean what type of bulb…

h3 bro can fit hid too



bump at miri already. want to view jst let me know thx

projector light can discount summore?

Imperial Concept PLASMA PRO Power Discharge Ignition System (Made In Japan) RM230 <— How to install bro? I’m driving a BMW

install at the distributor thr… - kopiokaw
projector no more discount bro never use like brand new oo sorry - dcarroll88

projector kenari can fit or not first?? if u can confirm me can fit i get…

ahpui… projector universal one… cannot comfirm fit or not depends on the acc shop to modified it on kenari … thx bro.

so can fit la… but if acc shop dunno how to do le

ahpui- dat dont know lor… last time i mod to satria original bumper… can fit… ^^ but if the shop dont know how to do… i also cannot say notin bro… its up to u …ur choice… cheers


the projector light can lower the price summore?

sorry bro price fixed d…