[WTS] Canon EOS 5D Mark II SLR Digital Camera

[WTS] Canon EOS 5D Mark II SLR Digital Camera w/ 24-105mm Lens
condition 10/10
Please ask for more detail

Price : Rm 2,870

contact me on : faizhuman@gmail.com

erm…1D is the higher rank rite?

what is the shutter count now? 24-105mm lens is a kit lens? what is the lens aperture range? eg. f3.5-f4.5

10/10 condition??must be new then :stuck_out_tongue:

10/10 condition!!! WOW!!! New one at Shashinki BODY ONLY = RM7,195/-!!! Extremely good deal !!!
[size=150]Too good to be true![/size]

wao…the price is unbelieveable and i am not going to believe this…unless post some pic or got good reason,if not this is sure be a cheat case.

2870? with 24105… When can we meet up? I’m really interested in it…

Well, im sure this smells too much of a fish. Please becareful.
I have been hunting down a 5D and i have been googling and forum boarding on this camera for 4 weeks now.
And I found quite a few places where this SAME guy FAIZHUMAN aka Larry Stain, have been posting the 5D
at ridiculous price of 3k ish. Places where i found him posting a bout a week earlier was on Mudah.my
and 1 more other place which i forgot. I did email contact this person. and here is the reply:

Thank you for the mail regarding the Canon EOS 5D Mark II,
the Canon EOS 5D Mark II comes with one year international warranty, it is brand new,sealed in it’s company original box.
Our company is located in the UK , and deliver to your home by FedEx express or by UPS,

Delivery Time : 2days
Shipping company : FedEx Express/ UPS
Package content
24-105mm f/4L USM AF Lens

The Canon EOS 5D Mark II with 24-105mm f/4L USM AF Lens cost $1,000 (RM3,052) while delivery and tax fee to malaysia cost $60
Total cost $1,060. (RM3,235)
As soon shipment is made, you will receive a tracking number and airway bill receipt to track your package online.

Kindly get back to me with your full shipping address and contact number if interested to make order.

Larry Stain
Tel : +447045775798

Ive cut the message short. But as you can see he did post his “WTS” as FAIZHUMAN and most of them appeared in
Malaysian forums and “unsecured” lelong sites. NEVER anything like this on EBAY that matched. And we know that
EBAY has a slightly better security compared to NO security over online transactions.

My message to him earlier when i found some conflicting prices when he posted at multiple sites:
Complete email correspondence:
His [WTS] postings:

[WTS] Canon EOS 5D Mark II SLR Digital Camera w/ 24-105mm Lens
condition 10/10
Please ask for more detail

Price : Rm 2,870

contact me on : faizhuman@gmail.com

and also…

[Want to sell] Canon EOS 5D Mark II Camera with lens
condition 10/10
PERFECT WORKING / Factory sealed
1 Year Warranty
You can contact us for more information on the kit

Price : $1,000

and I found the similar posting here lol. Apparently he as stated in the email, the 1,000 is USD and is about 3k RM.
That was why it is different. But heres the thing, most of the postings are done in malaysian forum. But he puts
down an address in the UK “Antique Shop.” and then a name Larry Stains (which dont mean much neways).

IT COULD BE GENUINE. Because it sounds like this guys is around in malaysia, has an address in the UK and wants
to sell the Camera that is from the UK (the camera location atm is in UK from his reply to my mail). Why do i say
he sound like he is around in malaysia?, because I saw his postings in WTS for Selangor region, and then some in
the Klang Valley region. But I COULD Be wrong.

SO, if you are interested, please be careful, use Paypal or some decent middle man service. Since Id say you are gonna
save a considerable amount of $$$ from this deal, and u can resell to me for a profit of 5k as well, there is no need to
cheap out on paying a bit for the middle man. Paypal is sort of a middle man service where they offer SOME buyer protection.
Or use an online mini escrow service (google escrow services, and google escrow services fraud to make sure u get a
genuine escrow service.) >>>Knowledge is power.

anyways, here was my reply (and I do show in terest because I AM!)


I am interested in this camera. Can you confirm that it is in working
condition and that the lense is fungal free?

As for transaction, for buyer and seller protection, I will only
transact through paypall services (www.paypal.com)
or using an online small business escrow services such as
www.escrow.com or an UK company: [url=https://auctionchex.com/index.php]https://auctionchex.com/index.php

Kindly let me know which services you’d prefer.

Thank you.


So, I hope you guys take the careful route as well.


in addition:
you can google his postings simply by typing in google search: “Canon EOS 5D FAIZHUMAN”
or simply use this link: http://www.google.com.my/#hl=en&source= … 4fc058578e
lowyat forum people are alreaedy calling him a conman (lol): http://forum.lowyat.net/topic/1710923/+0#entry39192433
also his links from different places says he’s from different state as well haha some in Penang some in Selangor. neways

Thanks for the info.