WTS Canon DSLR Accesories for sale

Item 1:Canon Remote Switch RS60 E3 (this is original not third party)
Compatible with:300d,350d,400d,450d,500d,1000d oh ya can be used on film canon too i have a 300v using it too (To sum it up can use on all rebel body)
Price:Rm 80 (nego)
Condition: Excellent
Reason to sell: Got a 40d and it uses different switch
Location: Miri COD only/postal paid by buyer


Can take picture like this using this switch

Item 2: Canon 300ez flash
Compatible with all EOS camera: Has 1 curtain and second curtain sync function
Price: Rm250 nego
Reason to sell:Upgrading flash and funding for other lens
Location: Miri COD only/postal paid by buyer
Picture:Additional information on Canon 300EZ AF-Speedlite

bump urgently need money

Flash price reduced Rm 200 final call before i decide to send it to Penang for self use

hey civic_noob, sorry i’m not around to dropby ur dad’s place to pick up the remote.

no prob, when you free let me know later i ask them bring to shop :wink: