[WTS] C-Pen66 Digital Dictionary Pen

RM 439.00
C-Pen66 Digital dictionary pen , broken through the traditional keypad Dictionary restrictions, the first to use the latest digital camera scanning technology, so you can at any time, anywhere to easily photographed text images, and then immediately be translated.
C-Pen66 Digital dictionary pen, writing pen as long as the same as the normal translation of God holding the C-Pen66 Digital dictionary pen, gently swept away in the English magazine, which comes immediately on the LCD screen shows in detail sentence in English, At the same time the word is given the interpretation of parts of speech, phonetic symbols, synonyms, antonyms, related words and Images.
C-Pen66 Digital dictionary pen scan technology using digital cameras, pens, mouth built-in sophisticated digital cameras, scanning the images per second 50 principles of grid photographed the necessary high-speed writing, through the reorganization of the amendment, and then quickly recognizable text, and then promptly translate. This technology enables C-Pen66 be thinking of translation pen series products, the highest rate of scanning and accurate products.
In addition, its compactness and lightweight, weighing only 80 grams, while using anti-collision designed to withstand considerable impact on a substantial increase in service life.
Thinking C-Pen66 Digital dictionary pen market, to learn and use of English becomes a pleasure, so that the election will be the Chinese will be able to read and understand English.

Size:140 x 32 x 24mm

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