(WTS) Buying Spree from Singapore/Johor

Dear all,

I will be flying back to Miri from Singapore, so I will be offering my service to buy and carry things for you back to Miri.

I will do COD( Cash on delivery of the item to you) when I am back in Miri on the 2nd of August (Friday)

The terms are as follow.

  1. You select a thing you want to buy, you let me know what is the item , the weight, size(volume), and price.
  2. I will give you a quote, my price after calculating flight charges
  3. You pay 50% of the item price and pay the rest when we meet up. I will go and buy the item for you.
  4. We meet in Imperial Mall to COD on 2nd August, say 5-6 pm for COD.

Item Price +Domestic Transport Charges(Flat fee of SGD 4)+Weight Charges+10% fees
Item price: Price of item
Domestic Transport fee: SGD4
Weight Charges: Air Asia is Charging Me RM 2/Kilo so my rate also the same for you
Fee: 10% (Minimum Rm 10)
Exchange rate at SGD 1= RM2.55

You buy a google chrome book from Singapore
Link :http://www.courts.com.sg/Products/PID-IP072663(Courts)/Computers/Chromebooks/SAMSUNG-116IN-EXYNOS-5250-2GB-RAM-CHROMEBOOK-XE303C12A01SG-SILVER
The price: SGD 449
Domestic Transport Charges: SGD 4
Weight: 2 Kilo=Rm4
Total Price: (449[Item Price]+4[Domestic transport charges]+44.9[fee])x(2.55)[exchange rate]+RM4[Weight Charges]=RM 1273.60

Disclaimer: I will not carry everything so please check first. No drugs, No Sex Toy, No pornography material

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