[WTS] Buy Sell Facebook Zynga Poker Chips (RM2.80)

[size=200]Buy Sell Facebook Myspace Tagged Zynga Texas Holdem Poker Chips for Malaysia[/size]

[size=150]Facebook, Myspace, Bebo, Hi5, TAGGED, YAHOO!, IPhone[/size]


[size=150][b]6m = RM30 (RM5/m)

10m = RM40 (RM4/m)

50m = RM170 (RM3.4/m)

100m = RM300 (RM3/m)

500m = RM1450 (RM2.9/m)

1b = RM2800 (RM2.8/m)[/b][/size]

Payment method: Online Bank transfer or ATM Cash Deposit

Maybank2U or Public Bank

Pls send sms or call my H/P: 012-353 8385 (Kelvin)

Pay instantly and receive your chips instantly

(Update: 18/12/2010)

Working Time: 10am morning - 11pm midnight everyday

Time Transfer: 30 minits after u bank in

Account balance: there is no minimum chips require in ur account.
U can have any balance chips which is more than 0 then is ok for me to transfer.
no extra charge.

I have sold 100b+ since last year April 2009, and have 500+ buyers.
Dont worry about ur account will getting banned,
I have my own way to send chips to ur account without getting banned.

Other seller say he need 1-2 hours to send chips,
cause he still dont know the right way to send chips without zynga knows,
thats why he cant promise ur acc wont getting banned.

I have my secret way to transfer chips in fast and secure.
I not being banned by zynga since last year June 2009 until now, not even 1 time.
So i can 100% promise my buyer acc wont getting banned.

Transaction Process

  1. First, u let me know u need to buy how many poker chips and prefer which bank.

  2. Then i will sms u, my bank acc no. and name.

  3. After u have finish bank in, u need immediately let me know and sms ur facebook id and pass to me.

  4. Then i will login ur acc, and send chips to ur acc.

  5. When i have finish transfer, i will sms let u know.

  6. Finally u can login ur acc and change ur pass if u need.

Is it safe from zynga banned?
Ur acc is totally safe when i transfering chips. I send to more than 10 acc and around 1b daily to my buyers.
I know the right way to transfer chips without zynga know.
If u dont know how to transfer chips to ur buyer, can ask me, i will teach u.

How to avoid hacker?
Pls dont go ur inbox read any mail which u dont know, just remember zynga WONT send mail to ur inbox.
All mail with zynga title are hackers. Just ignore those mail.

Why you can trust me?
I already sell facebook chips 2 years, my service is FAST and SECURE.
After u have buy from me, u wont go buy from other seller.

Pls send sms or call my H/P: 012-353 8385 (Kelvin)