[WTS/bulk] Lowepro camera bags offer

Hi guys. I have special offer for these three types of Lowepro camera bags. 100% genuine Lowepro products. Not sure how my price would compete with local pricing, but it’s here anyway. However, there’s a minimum of 3 units per order. Which means, as long as I can gather 3 orders, then we’re good to go. Price can be reduced a bit if there’s order of 2 units or more of the same model.

Check out the links for more info.

Lowepro Inverse 200 AW - RM350
http://products.lowepro.com/product/Inv … 2101,7.htm

Lowepro Mini Trekker AW - RM450
http://products.lowepro.com/product/Min … 965,14.htm

Lowepro Computrekker AW - RM500
http://products.lowepro.com/product/Com … W,1924.htm

MOQ = 3 units.

Side order (LOL):
Octopus Rapid Fast 335 camera/laptop backpack (fits 15" widescreen laptops) - RM200 (no MOQ, but more than 3 units will get a bit more discount)
Sample 1
Sample 2
Sample 3

Method of dealing:
You guys can drop over my office (The Iris Studio) during office hours, or meet me at Seahorse Bistro Piasau on weekdays night between 9:00PM - 11:00PM. On weekends nights, kindly reconfirm with me…lol. Alternatively, you can bank in directly to my Maybank2u account (sms or pm me for acc number).

As with many bulk orders, full payment upfront is needed (any transaction will be issued with an official receipt). Each order batch will take a few days lah.

And lastly… support the local business. If I can get good business, more interesting products will be brought in. Hehehe.

Contact me, Fakhrain at:
014-6875786 (mobile)
085-668412 (office)

…or just drop me a PM.

any lubang for lowepro flipside 300?

No lubang yet for that one.