[WTS/BULK] Diablo 3 PC Game. RM180. Buy more more discounts!

As everyone know 15.05.2012.

Get your games here, 1st batch 30 Copies(16.05.2012). 2nd batch + 3rd batch + 4th Batch + 50 extra copies (17.05.2012) just incase we left out anyone.

[size=150]Price: RM180 | *** Those who order more than 5pcs will get the game @ RM175 only!! ***[/size] *** Those who order more than 5pcs will get the game @ RM175 only!! ***

No deposit required as stocks are confirmed 60copies for 2 batch. Just leave your name here. Thanks.

if cant make it to collect the 1st day must inform me directly or it will be someone else as this is a NO DEPOSIT REQUIRED Pre-Order

P/S: If i left anyone’s name out pls let me know. Thanks.

First Batch

2. Dealer
3. Dealer
4. aaron g
5. aaron g
6. Malik@Sheep319
7. Mr.Wee
8. Harraz
9. Harraz

  1. Harraz
  2. Harraz
  3. Harraz
  4. Harraz
  5. StratOS
  6. fadzero
  7. Heiril
  8. Kai Seng
  9. Justin K
  10. Aaron S
  11. Aaron S
  12. Aaron S
  13. Aaron S
  14. Aaron S
  15. AH Wong
  16. AH Wong
  17. Mr. Phang
  18. Mr. Phang
  19. Mr. Phang
  20. Mr. Phang
  21. Mr. Phang

Second Batch

  1. StratOS
  2. StratOS
  3. Leslie
  4. fathur6868
  5. Unnamed
  6. Dealer
  7. Dealer
  8. Dealer
  9. Dealer
  10. Mr. Phang
  11. Bryan
  12. Bryan
  13. Bryan
  14. Leslie
  15. P.Sieng
  16. Rbrt
  17. Rbrt
  18. Rbrt
  19. Lau
  20. vincool @ Kevin
  21. Barry

Third Batch

  1. StratOS
  2. Donny
  3. Alvin
  4. Alvin
  5. RBTX
  6. Bryan
  7. Bryan
  8. Sam
  9. Wnk
  10. Wnk
  11. Wnk
  12. Michael
  13. Michael
  14. Michael
  15. Michael
  16. Michael
  17. Michael
  18. Michael
  19. Wilson
  20. TPS Bro
  21. KCR

Fourth Batch

When can we get the game from u? 15th or 16th?

Will receive on the 16th. Can reach on 15th but i scared courier slow so pushed it one day back. BLizzard will send out on 14 May.

If reached earlier will inform everyone.

if there is any collector edition put my name in . if none available count my name in for the normal edition and will be coming tomorrow to pay full amount .

FIrst batch all filled up. 2nd batch taking orders now…


eric…put my name on it…later this evening i go to your shop and pay

hi can put my name on 2nd batch?thanks


hi Eric, please put me on the 2nd Batch list…i don’t know whether i’m in that list or not…i’ve asked ur brother to reserve two copy. Thanks man.

All updated. If i left out your name pls PM me ASAP.

Got to prepare all the stocks. Game will reach on 16/5/2012.

[size=150]Price: RM180 | *** Those who order more than 5pcs will get the game @ RM175 only!! ***[/size]

Mari mari…~ Pre-order will close at 5 May 2012. Any order after that will have to wait. If we still have slot or extra copies we will put your name in.

Thanks for the support.

bro stratos,

i will only can get from u mostly on the 25 or 26 cos im still offshore…will surely go to take it from u…

thanks for that…hehe

I just preordered from StratOS. I think I’m 3rd batch but anyway, hope to get the game next week!

On the 16 May we only manage to get 30pcs in. 1st batch will get their games first.

The rest will be 17 May. All the batch after is 17 May.

Still can Place order. I got extra 50copies left on 17May. Hurry.~~!!

One for me pls

Sorry bro… balance 50 copies all sold out… Many last minute orders. New stock all are retail @ RM218 already. But Friday then got stock.

no news yet? itchy hand ooo

Waiting Courier call now… If tak sempat then its tomorrow’s business d…

MY Retail RM218 version coming in tomorrow also…


so tomorrow confirm can go take?

whats the difference between rm180 and rm218?