[WTS] BRAND NEW Star Wars The Old Republic Gaming Headset by Razer


The headset is in brand new pristine unopened factory-sealed condition, still safely enclosed in bubble wrap.

I want to sell the headset because I don’t wish to use it at the moment. My plan was to buy a new headset to use with a new computer. But I didn’t have enough money for the new computer so I decided to buy the headset first. Then I felt that it wasn’t a sensible idea to let the headset sit there idly by collecting dust while I accumulated enough money for the new computer. So I decide to sell it.

Price RM600.
Price negotiable.

Any questions please send me a message or reply to the thread. If you want to buy it, simply reply to this thread or send me a message and I will contact you.


Price negotiable. Anybody?


The headset is brand new. The price is still negotiable. So anybody?


Price negotiable. Anybody?


Need to get this headset sold. Anybody?


This headset is rare and unique. Anyone?


Surely someone is interested?