[WTS] *Brand new* 7" SUNVISOR Monitor w DVD Player @ RM299~

[size=150]7" Sun visor TFT-LCD Monitor With DVD Player USB port/SD card interface[/size]

[b]* Slimmest Body

  • Super Width Screen
  • Breathtaking Clarity Vision[/b]

AUX input for Additional AV Signal input such as Indash DVD Players, TV Channel Receiver or Rearview Camera.
Built In Speaker .
Advanced Technology Electronic Anti-Shock Protection.
Hi-Quality Black Tube TFT-LCD Screen.

-: 7" AU TFT- LCD monitor with DVD player
-: Compatible with MP4, DVD, VCD, CD, MP3, CD-R and CD-RW
-: Soft Touch Power On/Off
-: Wide screen 16:9 aspect ratio
-: 4 x Zoom Display View
-: Hi-Quality Black Tube screen for High luminance and low reflection
-: Surround Sound Stage Setting (DVD)
-: Colour system: PAL/NTSC
-: Resolution: 1,440 x 234
-: Full Feature Wireless OSD Slimmest remote control
-: AV input
-: Stereo Jack Output ready
-: FM Transmitter
-: Brightness ,contrast adjustable
-: Available Skin Colour : Grey
-: Dimension : 26x147x370mm
-: Position : Passenger Side (Left)
-: Instruction Manual ,Fully Installation Kit,Remote Contro Included.
6 month Warranty

[size=150]Best deal at RM299 ! Suitable All type of DC12v Car fixing[/size]

CALL/SMS: 017-6620504

u send first i test then i pay…