WTS - BeautyFoot

[size=150]Embrassed walk with rough and dry bare feet?? Painful while peeling?
Beauty Foot will help you to solve these problems within 5 - 14 days to remove all the dead skin cells suprisingly.
in 3 steps - wearing, soaking and washing.

3 Steps

  1. Wear the pack and hold in place with the attached tape.
  2. Soak the foot in the gel for about 120 minutes
  3. Take off the pack then wash the gel away.

Market Price is RM69.90 but
[size=150]NOW ONLY RM55/box[/size] (1pair in a box)
Orange: Suit for size US8.5 & below
Green: Suit for size US9-13

The secret and main ingredients in Beauty Foot is Fruit Acid.
It is used a s a folk remedy and contains plentiful organic acid and penetrates into the layer of dead skin
cells and decomposes the desmosomes between the healty dermic layer and the old dead skin,
enabling easier peeling.


  • Fruit acid easy to cause the skin irritating, please keep attention while the following circumstance occurs
  1. After use if any unsuitable occurs, please stop using immediately.
  2. The skin with injured, wound or inflamed, please do not use this product.
  3. After use if continues inflamed, should stop to use it and see doctor immediately
  4. Baby and kid is prohibited to use this product.
  5. Those with sensitive skin, please first make partial skin sensitivity test before use this product. If irritating do occur, please do not use this product.

This product is disposable product, please do not redundant!!