WTS Android 2.2 Huawei Ideos s7 105 tablet - closed!

Hi ,

I want to sell my android tablet brand Huawei Ideos s7 model 105 - with Capacitive and Multitouch touch screen (like Ipad), resolution 800 x 480, 7 inches , 1GHz processor Snapdragon, 512 mb ram, 3G internet and phone functions (if you put sim card), wifi, bluetooth, front and back camera, metal casing, kick stand.
Stereo sound and integrated microphone, micro sd card slot, charger, micro usb slot.

The item is almost new, bought several months ago, some minor scratches in the back cover.
Reason for sale, getting irritated with Android…

Make a proposal ! Can also exchange just propose something. Item comes with original box and accessories.

Interested, sms to 019 660 38 34 or pm me through this site.

Best price?

lol… same as me when i was using samsung galaxy s. sold mine not even 1 month of using lol den back to iphone. the laggyness, incompatibleness, and etc …


RM350 ??

pm me the price


hi everyone thanks for your interest and your offers but seing i wanted to sell it my wife decided to keep it to play games … I suppose she s right thats the only use of android anyway, i was getting pissed off with these google apps that keep coming back for no reason. Other than that too bad because it s a nice looking and working machine. Anyone interested by this tablet beware of the model number if you find one, mine is s7 105 , with capacitive multitouch screen, some of the earlier models look identical but have a single point resistive screen, not multitouch and not sensitive…

hi again, just to confirm, for those who compare the prices in Miri, beware my model is the 105 i found it in Brunei, the only one i saw in Miri is the 104, according to internet this model has a resisitive touch screen (no multitouch, no smooth swiping, no pinch to zoom, single finger typing only…) and a slower processor. The one sold more expensive in Brunei has a capacitive multitouch screen and a faster processor, believe me it makes a real difference, all is smooth and the screen is a pleasure. The only down thing is the battery life which is rather short, but considering the price including 3g and phone functions its not so bad…
there are 5 or 6 different models of huawei s7 that all look identical, make sure you buy the good one :wink:

pls close tis topic.