WTS>> ALL SLR MUST GO, D60 - D90 - D3s - End of SLR Hobby (Nikon)

Nikon Body package (together with Nikon Gold Box)

  1. D60 + 2 battery (1ori + 1 is 3rd party) + 1 x original charger + 1 x original strap + bundle with 18-200mm f3.5 VR lense with lenslock version
    i) 18-200mm lense front cannot mount any cover due the ring got a " dent" causing it not allow attach any filter - please take note.
    ii) 18-200mm lens got 1 spot of fungus inside however it doesnt affect the picture taken as it is off center location (please refer photo i specifically snap this spot for your witness), if you want to fix it, some modest top up $$, i can offer you together its “special screwdriver” for this 18-200mm lens, because the fungus is easy to clean DIY.
    iii) 18-200mm lense is working flawlessly functionalwise.

  2. D90 + 4 battery (3ori + 1 is 3rd party High capacity 5500maH) + 1 x original charger + 1 x original strap

  3. D3s + 2 battery (both ori ) + original charger with its accessory cover + 1 x D3s original strap (new ununsed) + 1 x original nikon strap

Nikon Lens Package (together with NIKON GOLD BOX)
4) 24mm f2.8 + UV Filter Steinzer Germany 52mm
5) 50mm f1.4g + UV Filter Steinzer Germany xx_mm
6) 17-35mm f2.8 + UV[0] Filter Pro1 Digital Japan 77mm
7) 300mm f4 + Kenko Pro1 Digital Filter 77mm + together with lens original collar + Ori Nikon 1.4x Telecon (separately together with NIKON GOLD BOX)
8) 70-300mm f3.5

TOKINA Lens package (together with TOKINA BOX)
9) 105mm f2.8 + tokina UV Filter 62mm

[b]Package includes[b]
as itemised above.


PM me your offer. Please dont crossmatch. i bundled nicely as above. you can justify if not satisfied with combi above.


all expired/nil.

[b]Dealing method[b]
COD in Miri , Sarawak East Malaysia

or Postal arrangement can be done, however note that Postlaju is at buyer’s own risk and Consignment postal charges 100% borned by BUYER.

  • Please ask first, then i go get quote give you (got slight waiting time due to this and bulky item)

Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia

[b]Contact methoddetails[b]
whatsapp 016-851-4894 (Robert)

[b]Item(s) conditions[b]

  1. working functional without flaw, any significant cosmetic impairment are highlighted as above.

  2. Please note all these lenses always in my dry cabinet 24/7 except the one got fungus cos that was the earliest lense that defy me putting in circulating air room will also get fungus infection( :frowning: )


[b]Reason for sale[b]
Quitting SLR hobby.