WTS Alienware m14x r2 (used two weeks only)

WTS Alienware m14x r2, used just two weeks.
Spec:Intel core i7-3720qm(2.6ghz turbo to 3.6ghz)
Ram-8gb ddr3 1600mhz
Graphic-2gb nvidia gt650m and intel graphic 4000
Hard disk-1tb
Reason for sale- want to ugrade to m17x
Warranty- until 2013 October
Anti virus-until 2015
Have original Microsoft office & Microsoft word office
With matte screen protector (very thick) to protect screen from scratch
No strach on it
Come with full box , OS disc, Microsoft office product key.

Price:rm 5100

so mahal for GT650…

Not gt 650 is gt650 m

oic, it was Alienware brand that make it expensive for gt650m…
i think you might get your Alienware a bit down price since Asus gtx460 is only 5k - new on the box.
free bump for you brah…

nothing need to compare about… alienware is alienware… asus is asus… don’t mix it together.

GT650M is better than GTX460M. Different architecture as well :slight_smile:

Anyways yes Alienware’s brand is what reflects the price you see.

Paid for what you get

for that price i will go for sager.

dont say that 1st, later ppl will say, why compare with Alianware? warranty? etc… boring hear that

hmm… boring hear… hahaha!!! funny… izzit somebody to force you to hear this and that kah… sad child…

nice raym0nd :slight_smile:

seriously thats an unimpressive graphic card. Lenovo offer GTX660 for under 4K dude(y580 series). you over pay for mediocre specs.

But ienovo warranty not on site, the keyboard backlight and all cannot be customize( the colour)

So all that for another RM 1500?

lenovo? cheap? well, if looking for cheap laptop & good specs… yeah… here you go ACER!! go get it!! it will suit you!!

Ienovo is just same like Asus and acer. Nothing different. Pay for what you get.

total agree… pay for what you get…

Raym0nd :slight_smile: thanks

nope… i just say the true… :slight_smile: