WTS : 4G13P Engine

Complete carb engine without gearbox.
Engine in good condition with wear and tear.
Only auto choke for morning start is not functioning.
Others is in good condition.
Engine with mitsubishi super touring 1.6 flywheel including 1.6 complete clutch set.
Engine only without (flywheel + Complete clutch set exedy) = RM 500

Clutch set(1.6) + Super touring Flywheel only(1.6) = RM350.00

Buy all 800.

previously on wira 1.3L.

Contact me : 013-570 5566
TQ for viewing!

p/s: 1.6 mitsubishi super touring flywheel + 1.6 complete clutch set (Exedy) is good upgrade for 1.3L and 1.5L proton engine. Rare item nowadays. Good for pickup.

The 1.6 flywheel and clutch is from which engine? Is it possible to mixed with 4g91 1.5 gearbox,?

4G13P standard proton engine.how about the HP? are HP increased after using the 1.6 parts? any dyno test conducted boss? mine have wira but converted to evo 3 full package…

from mitsubishi galant super touring engine.
I’m not sure if you can use that on 4G91. if i’m not mistaken, the hole at the flywheel will not match. currently i’m using that engine too.

HP i don’t know. never go dyno before.
but you can google around and ask other forum on supertouring flywheel and 1.6 clutch set performance on 4G13P and 4G15.

SOLD. Thank you Mr. Buyer.
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