WTS-16 inch, 2 piece lenso rim with tyre SOLD

-just respray champion white
-2 piece welding
-brand Lenso
-tyre 45
-very safety (u can’t stole this rim unless u can open the rim cap)

  • PRICE. RM1200. negotiable

gee foh,miri…shaifu 013-9037373

no offence but its easy to open the rim cap.

u think so?
1st. u need to open the big nut in the middle (use custom tool)
2nd. open rim cap by 1 screw
3rd. now u can open the rim nut (4nuts)

is it easy?

how many holes? 8 holes? 4 holes? pcd size?

8 holes, PCD 114 and 100

Bro, only 2 pieces of rim ?

HAHHAHAHAH :mrgreen:

nope…it is 1 set (4 unit)
people call this kind of rim is “2 piece rim”

rim + tyre or just rim itself?

as i mention on the title…rim with tyre…TQ

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bring up my post

bring up my post