(WTS) 100% Original Perfumes

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I’m selling original perfumes at cheaper price than market price.

Perfumes list as follow;

Bvlgari : For HIM
Aqva 100ml RM 160
Aqva 100ml (tester) RM 150
Aqva Marine 100ml RM 160
Aqva Marine (tester) 100ml RM 150
BLV pour Homme 100ml RM 160
Extreme 100ml RM 170
Classic No 1 RM 180

Bvlgari : For HER
Jasmine Noir 100ml RM 200
Jasmine Noir (tester) 100ml RM 190
BLV Eau de Parfum II 100ml RM 160
BLV Eau de Parfum II (tester) 100ml RM 150
BLV 100ml RM 170

Incanto : For HER
Bliss 100 ml RM 150
Bliss (tester) 100 ml RM 135
Charm 100 ml RM 150
Charm (tester) 100 ml RM135
Bloom 100ml RM 150
Bloom (tester) 100ml RM 135
Dream 100 ml RM 150
Dream (tester) 100 ml RM 135
Salvatore Ferragamo F (Pink) tester 90ml RM 170

CK : For HIM
One 200ml RM 170
One (tester) 200ml RM 150
Be 200ml RM 170
Be (tester) 200 ml RM 150
Free 100 ml RM 170
Free (tester) 100 ml RM 150

CK : For HER
Euphoria Intense 100 ml RM 220

Hugo Boss : For HIM
Bottled 100 ml RM 180
Bottled (tester) 100 ml RM 170
Green 150 ml RM 180
Green (tester) 150 ml RM 170
Just Different 150 ml RM 200
Energise 100ml RM 185
XY 100 ml RM 180

Hugo Boss : For HER
Orange sunset 90 ml RM 200
Red 100 ml RM 180

DKNY Apple Delicious 100 ml RM 200
DKNY Apple Delicious (tester) 100 ml RM 190

JLo Still 100 ml RM 150

Lancome Miracle 90 ml RM 265
Lancome Tressor 90 ml RM 265
Lancome In Love 90 ml RM 265

Burberry Beat/Sport 100 ml RM 160

Paris Hilton 100 ml RM 140
Katty Perry RM 150

Davidoff Champion/Energy Champio 100 ml RM 160
Davidoff Cool Water 90 ml (for her) RM 140

Pacco Rabbane 1 million 100 ml RM 220
Pacco Rabbane 1 million (tester) 100 ml RM 200
Pacco Rabbane Black XS 100 ml RM 185
Pacco Rabbane Black XS (tester) 100 ml RM 170
Pacco Rabbane Ultraviolet 100 ml RM 180

D&G Light Blue 100 ml (for HIM) RM 210
D&G Light Blue 100 ml (for HER) RM 250

Mont Blanc Starwalker 75 ml RM 180
Mont Blanc Legend 75 ml RM 200

Gucci Floral 70 ml RM 200
GucciFloral 90 ml RM 250

Sun Flower Elizabeth Arden RM 75

212 Sexy Caroline Herrera (for HIM) RM 220
212 Sexy Caroline Herrera (for HER) RM 200

Dunhill Desire Red/Blue 100 ml RM 165

If you wan perfume other than in the list PM me…

Perfumes are 100% original. Not rejected or Dubai AAA.

To purchase please pm or email ezuans at gmail dot com or whatsapp 0197181981.

TQ :smiley:


Early 2013 Promotion Pack
JLo Still 100ml EDP
plus shower gel 100ml
Plus limited edition ring
Only rm188



Katty Perry Purr 100ml
Shower Gel
Body Lotion
Roll on


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Original perfume at a very cheap price

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Original perfume at a very cheap price

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how do you prove the authenticity? products are from? You are in ?

is it really original?

Yes… Confirm original… If not money back gurantee.

So far got no complaint from my customer.

Wait for testimonial from MC member who purchase from me.

Products from USA and Europe…my suppliers are from Singapore.

I live at JB.


Disney Princess Perfume Set for kid RM60


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ISSEY miyake Price RM 270


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Sean John unforgivable, sean johnunforgivable night, Sean John Unforgivable Multi Platinum all for men. Let me know if u have.

Hi bro



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U just PM me your price. What am i asking for is do you have one of the perfumes i mention above.