Wts 1 month old asus p565 rm1600

Asus P565 (http://de.asus.com/products.aspx?l1=11& … odelmenu=1)
Latest from Asus
Fastest processor for pda phone 800mHz. The fastest in the WORLD for pda phone.

* Powerful 800 MHz processor for superb multimedia performance
* High-resolution 2.8 touchscreen for exceptional clarity and brilliance
* Intuitive touch-responsive Glide interface for easy task management
* Potent suite of business-oriented features and software
* Leather-wrapped battery lid for air of bespoke exclusivity

Kick your efficiency into overdrive with the ultra-stylish and ultra-powerful ASUS P565, a Glide-enabled PDA phone with a 2.8" high-resolution touchscreen that enables you to switch between tasks rapidly with an intuitive tap, slide or flick of your finger. Housing the world’s fastest processor, running at 800 MHz, the P565 makes short work of resource-intensive tasks such as document editing, Internet browsing and video playbackeven when they are all done simultaneously! Its appearance is as commanding as its performance, boasting a bespoke battery lid wrapped in leatherliterally placing success and prestige in your hand. The ASUS P565. Greater business agility is just a touch away.
Glide to New Heights of Productivity
Geared toward the business community, the ASUS P565 PDA phone couples a powerful 800 MHz processor with GlideASUS’ exclusive touch-responsive user interfacemaking for a potent, productivity-boosting combination. The fast processor renders the P565 particularly amenable to multitasking, while Glide enables you to switch between tasks rapidly with your fingertips. The P565 also comes with a suite of business-oriented features and software, including push mail, business card recognition and Microsoft Office Mobile. Other useful applications such as Anytime Launcher and Multi-Home enable you to view your calendar, the times of local and visiting cities, weather reports, online news and much moreall with an intuitive tap, slide or flick of your finger.
Your Powerful Business Partner
The ASUS P565’s 800 MHz processorwhich posts Vsbenchmark scores almost two times that of competing products in its classmerits more attention. It enables the P565 to deliver graphics and system performance beyond anything else on the market at present, making it ideal for businesspeople who demand uncompromising performance and maximum speed from their productivity tools. With the P565, getting through resource-intensive tasks such as editing documents with heavy multimedia content, browsing the Internet and watching videos is a breeze.
Clear the Clear Picture
The P565 is also equipped with a 2.8" VGA (640 x 480 pixels) high-resolution display that reproduces every image with such clarity and brilliance, you’ll never miss a detail. Photographs look crisper and more true-to-life, while minute details in business documents, such as the individual cells in spreadsheets, are reproduced much more clearlyreducing eye fatigue over periods of prolonged use.
Hold Success in Your Hand
The ASUS P565 is designed to leave a deep and lasting impression. Its battery lid is wrapped in stunning black synthetic leather, commanding instant respect and attention. The leather contrasts nicely with the P565’s modern, high-gloss face, and lends the phone a natural tactility and evocative appealreinforcing the bespoke quality of the ASUS P565 and elevating it far above competing PDA phones on the market.

Receipt from local ASUS warranty. Phone star warranty. The authorized distributer for Asus.

Receipt dated 05/06/2009. Bought at rm1999.

Complete set with box. Complete accesories.

Phone, leather pouch, charger, car charger, car mount, usb cable, ear phone, receipt, warranty card, cd. FULL SET.

Installed with working GARMIN GPS.

Selling to try another phone again. I change phone nearly every month.

Some good points for this phone:
VERY FAST processor.
VERY responsive GPS. Fast locking to satellite.
Very responsive touch screen
Good battery life for the fastest processor in the world

Will trade with Blackberry Bold 9000 or Blackberry storm.