WTK how much a satria 1.6 worth?


selling yours? :mrgreen:

Roughly about 16K or less my dear

what year??

VSL: end of 1996

vertigo: hehe… mayb… planing to lar… if good price…

jt7618: ok thx

how bout satria gti?

satria GTI usually 30k and above:)

HAr? Satrio GTI still need 30k above mer? N/a also need such money?

GTi limited edition…some more that engine is much better than putra’s engine eventho both actually are same engine but if gti engine bolt on turbo, it’s more reliable than putra’s engine…

if any1 got sell modified satria wth nice offer maybe can think of it

like satria gti mivec or watever

got satria gti for sell at shane …hehe

still got meh?? i tot sell off liaw the 7222…

or the gsr turbo ?

what is “WTK”??

what is “WTK”??[/quote]

WTK = i love u

lolx…looking for love…

the gti dont know if ori or gsr. wor…most probably stock i guess