WTF silencer for exhaust? any ideas guys?

looking for silencer for exhaust 60mmin -100mmout where can i find this?? thx…

exhaust silencer? how does it look like

at william exhaust lor if in miri…where else… :stuck_out_tongue:

ok thx you…

change the middle part can make the sound of exhaust not so loud

he wan to make it louder :mrgreen:

oic…middle part make it kurus then your exhaust made it bigger as big as colax3 …then when u passby masjid there… try notice your back … a few waja will folo u… lol ^^

lol … dont want waja find me lor… no money to belanja drink kopi… wakaka hmm… if i put bullet onli ok ka tu??

haha~i hope white waja find u ~hahaha good luck dude~

white waja with blue and yellow sticker rite?? haha…

With blue neon on top of the roof somore and some high pitch audio that can be heard miles away.hahaha

lolx. wakaka… sure not tangkap lar if no rev kuat no sound lor… wakakaka put put put onli ma the sound wakakka