[WTF] one pair rim 16 inch 5-7 width, 4 holes

Hello i’m looking for a pair of rims, wanna go those kinda look with front/back different pairs. The rim has to be sporty, with 5-6spokes and around rm500. Replica or cap ayam rim super welcome.

I know i know i super lokek with that price but anything can nego. If anyone has a pair and cannot find buyer, pls call me! If anyone knows anyone out there selling those one pair also, let me know too!!!Just wanan bump my luck, if u got alang alang one pair in the store room, u know laaaaaaaaa what to do…hahaha.

Anyway any help very much appreciated if can help me abit, i will belanja u no problem(but dont abalone, sharks fin lah, economy no good these days heheheh)

LOL… 500 bucks ah… dun so kiamsiap la

go satok there find lar…there many cheap rims…

aiyah i said NEGO mah, if nice rims, one pair 800-900 cap ayam also can.

Satok, u mean in kch? sorry ah now still stuck in miri a.t.m

buy cap ayam rim put which car???

put into my “pro-jet” car.

so got any kantao?corona waiting for you dear.

hello I cant send pm to dont know why. However, if u see this msg pls add me on MSN woeiyee@hotmail.com

i will take some pic and send to u.

can also call me on 0129137352.