[WTF] Lan cable wiring for house

Looking for technician to do the Lan cable wiring for my house.

Please kindly pm me your contact or leave any contact of technician you know.

Urgently need it, Streamyx is going to be “alive” at my housing area FINALLY !!

(PS: after 2 and half years of waiting with 2 times application)

Bump !

Anyone knows someone that might do this kind of work??



I’m curious, may I ask why the extra cost for lan cable wiring if you can use wifi?

To prevent wifi hacker in using your wifi.

A friend of mine is using this “modem” which can crack the password of nearby wifi and use it.

wow, you wanted to apply since 2011 dec time, only now then u get it, congrate

i did told u last time it going to take time. you want those internal wiring type or going by casing?

Yo bro, long time no see.
Ya lor, apply since last time you go to my house…after grueling struggle with TM project manager/(developer)…
Finally good news came this year lol.

hell long time of waiting , i miss out RO2, diablo, (good thing i miss it, at lot of complaint bout bug) AND i had to play PIRATED SCII, even though i have the original !!..and others mmorpg…
The struggle of downloading movies/drama at office…

All that will be history now…hehe~~

Can I know many LAN cables u wan? and the estimated distance from ur modem to the LAN Point?

Best Regards

Power Wong