Wtf : Honda EG8 Parts

Hi all!!

Looking for any good 2nd / New EG8 Front Bonet, EG9 Spoiler and Rear Bumper.Anybody got any contact please let me know ok. Oh ya also anybody of you guys got some kaki’s in doing car inspection in puspakom/r/tax renewal? I bought this 2nd car from a friend but the r/tax had expired 2 years already and i plan to get this car road legal once gain.

All your help is appreaciated!!!

wah 2 year expired … hoho … no need kaki l0r … juz go for uself… just give 50 buck or 100 kopi o to puspak0m inspector … hehe, sure pass l0r…

Yup 2 years. I dont want to gamble doing it myself especially doing it with gov people unless i know them very well like those RUNNERS… Anyway thanks for your attn…

RUNNERS? roadrunners? ahah … … i want to help, but i dnt have any friend with puspakom inspector … if have sure help u bro … sure help mirian ppl if some1 have trouble … ahaha :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Anyone knows where can i find a dealer selling Projector Headlamp for my EG8? Any idea on the price?