[WTB] Used Logitech G27 Steering wheel

As stated in title, i’m looking for a Logitech G27 wheel ,

must be in good working condition , No broken parts :slight_smile:

Do offer me if u have one not in use :mrgreen:

PM / SMS / Whatsapp me @ 0165790805 :slight_smile:


why don’t you just buy a new one?


Since wheel’s don’t really break down often , i thought if someone had one not used, they’d probably wanna sell it off .

If i cant find any, i’ll opt for the new :slight_smile:

And i am not even sure i’ll be using it to the fullest, if u know what i mean.

True, mine used for around 5 times then back to the box. What a waste of money

Bump! :slight_smile:


i have one.bought last year.used only a few times. condition like new. paid rm1.2k for it. bought from the top floor game shop at bintang megamall. now it just stays in the box. never thought about letting it go but for the right price i just might.