WTB - Used 512MB SDRAM & DDR

Wanted urgently, used 512MB (or 256MB x 2) SDRAM PC133 and DDR1 memory. Pls call or sms 0138390999


Still looking for 512MB SDRAM

pc ram or notebook ram???

pc ram

aiyo … sorry lor … i don’t do pc one, only do laptop/notebook. look for me lar if you need any parts for notebook.

How much u offer? i have 1pc 256 and 1pc 512 if im not wrong, need to check up the store

If its SDRAM. possible for me to test it before i pay you? Pls call me this morning, i will collect it from you. TQ

Owwuu…sorry…have check the stock, is 1pc 64MB and 1pc 128MB… :expressionless:

Its ok, TQ for replying

I have Kingston 512MB DDR400 if u interested. and also PC133 128MB x2.

Ok, how much? RM40 for your 512MB DDR?

RM50 for my 512MB DDR400.

i think i have 2x 256 sdram somewhere in my store… how much you buying for each?

pls contact me asap for the price. 0138390999