[WTB] Sport Rim for GEN 2

Hi, I’m looking for 17" or 18" sport rim for my GEN 2. Any ?

hi, how much budget are ou looking at for 18" i got one set on my satria neo if you are interested.

By the way you can see the pic at satria neo full mod that adv want to sell the car. look 19" n very new.

Including tyres? PM me ur price. Thanks

Hi Cevin, yes…is include the tyres…i knw now market price is cost roughly $2400 just the rim 18" secondhand. $2800 nego complete eith tyres la bro.but dun worry, you give me your maximum budget, if price ok, i let go for u lol. By the way this rim is 18" x 8" free bolt. so vey stable.

your $ is in B$ or RM?

Hahaha…the money is in RM. Tyre…still lot of tread.my car only stay at home nia.drive it 1 or 2 time per month. So wht is your maximum budget bro?

It’s too expensive for me bro, I’m looking for rm1500 and blw…