WTB Spoiler for Persona Elegance


I’ve broke my spoiler (somebody else drove actually :|) and alang2 would like to change to a new spoiler… anyone knows where can I find the new good quality, affordable and reasonable-priced spoiler? doesn’t matter it is the original-look spoiler or can be the R3, TRD etc. preferable the one that comes with paint and can do the installation too. if not, it’s ok, i’ll take it to EON to do the paint… How much would it cost in total, anybody knows?


Bintulu murah maa…2 hours from miri by Coastal Highway

pasang GT wing… LOLZ :mrgreen:

what kind of spoiler? my friend is selling his adjustable spoiler at RM950 i think.

GT wing is perfectly for persona … i reccomend u install GT wing … sure not call persona elegance again if install GT wing … haha… cal it persona GTR … ahaha…

GT Wing? guys appreciate if you could help me listing the shop where cud i find those spoiler… dont mind if it is the original design or PE spoiler or cud be the R3, TRD spiler etc…I’m considering all


ya … GT wing is 100% perfect for persona … u persona have all full skirt rite ?.. if at miri, find at Tiong He at krokop … mybe still left 1 spoiler GT … dnt knw the price …
but GT wing cost money …

Voltex Type 5 GT Wing. RM950.

http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set= … 682&type=3

this link is for ? … not available ler this link … can upload the image of the GT wing u said … ? want to see … :mrgreen:

just kidding only…GT wing spoil the car looks… LOL :mrgreen:
i think better stick back to original :slight_smile: