[WTB] Single Storey House

Hi All,

Am looking for any single-storey house (terrace, Semi-D or D) for sale around Boulevard Gdn/Desa Seri/Faradale Gdn/Shang Gdn or any approximate area in Krokop. Anyone can help?


ur budget?.. do u need an agent?.. i can ask my frent o help u… can pm me ur contact?

Hi Leslie,
Thanks, I do hv an agent already but no news thus far. Am trying my luck in miricommunity.net

hmm… ok… i try to look around then… ehhehe ur budget around how much?>

Hmm, I guess very much depending on the house type, condition and actual location. However, not more than 300K I guess. Thanks in advance!

Hi bpvt! I do have someone who wants to sale the house (a single storey semi-d) partly furnished. Do you have contact details?

Hi SOSue! I hv pm you, did u get it?