[WTB] Second hand house furniture and electrical appliances

Hello, I am helping out a friend that just moved into Miri.
He is a blue collar worker and is looking for second hand furniture and electrical appliance for the house he is renting.
If anyone here has these items that are not in use or want to let go please contact me at 0138378019.
Please call or message me details of the list of items you are selling, the dimension, and price.
Please state whether price is negotiable.
Thank you for your cooperation.

yes. the owner want to let go some stuff like cabinet, fridge, radio and etc.
oven selling RM300.00
Dressing table RM150.00
Single bed with mattress RM100.00
computer table RM200.00
Panasonic NR-B fridge with 2 doors RM500.00