WTB:Kancil belalang back bonet


I am looking for above item. My car kena hit from the back and i dont want to ketuk2. So where can i find above item?

Kancil belalang back bonet? Correction here… Belalang or belakang? Sudah belakang, back lagi tu… Hehehe…

erk… i think wht he meant by “belalang” was the new kancil looks. btw, thts wht i called for the new kancil haha

hahhaa…yup…kancil belalang…RM200-rm220 without windscreen…but im looking one whole set, so i just plug and play…btw, where can i find a workshop that can installed windscreen? I heard somewhere in Piasau.

Please advise

I got kancil belalang behind bonet

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