WTB > Male Labrador Retriever puppy

As per subject…

Breed: Labrador Retriever
Gender: Male only
Colour: Yellow only
Age: Above 8 weeks, below 6 months
MKA: highly preferred
Medical Paperwork: highly preferred
Microchip: optional
Puppy need not be from champion bloodline, just need to be healthy ^^ Looking for a companion for the family not for competitions ~

But here is the problem part.

** Need help to send the puppy cross border, either to KB Seria or even further up to my house is OK.
Extra charges for this is acceptable and understandable but within reasonable rates :smiley:
Legit import, due to further applying for dog license within the country

Please drop PM or whatsapp +6738790506

Kindly note I can’t reply a yes or a no to your offer immediately but all offers are taken into consideration :smiley:
If possible, to specify how much for the pup and how much for the transport charges would be better


edit: missing a zero from my # before this so sorry !!!