[WTB] Finding some 2nd-hand xbox games

Hi! buying 2nd-hand xbox games…xbox kinect games oso can. the disc must be in good condition (no scratch and still play-able)
I’m buying original games only :mrgreen:



i have a lot of original x-box 360 game and disc are in good condition.

new or 2nd? :smiley: can list all of it out with prices?

i buy from shop new and if you buy from me than will be 2nd hand :slight_smile: i will list to you on next post. i need to collect all the game then list to you. and why you want to buy original x-box game?

coz the xbox i bought is slim and cant be modded, which means cannot play hacked/modded games, but new original games are too expensive so better buy 2nd-hand games…