(WTB) DSLR Camera in Miri

Where can I find any DSLR camera in Miri.
Price range between RM1000-RM2500.
Brand New.
Type of model you recommended and their specifications.
Location of shop.

try and check http://www.shashinki.com

very reliable.

try and check http://www.shashinki.com

very reliable.

If can,I need the one that is in Miri.
By the way thanks for the link.

Then try Era photo behind Sin Liang area where old man st is.

i buy some stuffs from shashinki…very reliable…try photomalaysia.net or free trade zone in mir forum…it’s online forum with many semipro photographer

Hw long does you received your things if ship to Miri…???

try my shop :slight_smile: TT art photo (boulevard), but dun ask me for details, i am not incharge of that shop. Hahaha

bolibed ground floor got d40 and 300D if im not mistaken

What is the price range and the model between RM1000-2500?

What brand is that then…??? :expressionless:

What brand is that then…??? :|[/quote]

d40 - nikon
300D - canon

for ur price range u can choose from 400D (canon),d60 (nikon), d40x(nikon) or sony a200(sony store-imperial mall) :oops:

I really appreciate that…u have the price…if you dont mind.So,the others I can get from boulevard rite…??

not sure bout the rest of the model but last time i checked (few months before laaa :lol: ) got d40 and 300D.for the price range (estimated jak la)

nikon d40 - rm1650-1750
nikon d40x - rm1900-2100
canon 400d - rm2100-2200
canon 450d -rm2600-2700
sony a200 - rm1800-2000

ceh…trima aja larh…hahaha…
hw you estimate the price larh…???

price mmg dalam range ya nektok.ive checked the price last week in kl.so maybe miri mahal sikit la.beza rega depends ngan nya pun so called ‘free gift’ gik la.ada berik tripod,memory card etc. :oops:

aok…larh…harap jak nya murah kat ctok …hehe.ktk beli ktk empun kat cney…???..lens nya ada masuk free gift sik…???

lens standard nya merik.18-55mm kitlens berik skali dalam price ya.free gift biasa memoli card,tripod cap ayam,bag cap itit gia jak la

kalo Nikon D60 brapa harga nya…???

d60 dlm 2300 gia la.more or less.sik sure miri ada stok di kedei nei