[WTB]Dremel Multipro 395 Rotary Tools

Anyone can tell me where can i get this set of rotary tools in miri? ask a lot shop at permyjaya, pelita and one shop at krokop 5 but no one know this kind of tools. all say don’t have don’t know.

its just a die grinder dude

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Thanks for doing that.

try lowyat.net…i get mine in there…cheap bro…

asked d, but i still hope to find in miri so that easier to warranty if anything. =D

Cannot find this brand locally and most, if not all dealers here don’t even know the brand! Best bet is KL, and even then not so easy. I understand BOSCH Malaysia is their authorised dealer, but I cannot find it in their online catalogue! Alternative to this is the Black & Decker RTX Rotary tool. Hope this helps.

just bought a b&d rotary for more power. going to let go my dremel multipro 395. =D

gremas got?

nope. gremas rotary is different from the one I use. its longer than what we had use to cut the case.