[WTB] Cybercafe License - MIRI Only

offer me your price.

cyber cafe license a …i saw got a few C.C close jo…may be you can try to go look for it…and ask their boss…but as i knew it …The C.C license now is very expensive…basically will more then 35k or above…as i know la …gd luck for you…if you can get less then 35k (License only) can try go ask IT boss want sell or not :p:p

may i know which cc closing or closed? hehe
i know the price is around there.

sell u whole cc u wan?

whole cc? i don’t want the pc… i might give a hit all i7 1st in malaysia. hehe

You dont need an i7. What you need is a C2D >=3Ghz to minimize bottleneck, 4Gb of RAM capable of running 800/1066Mhz, a decent graphics card that is powerful enough for most current/future games like HD4870 1GB/HD4890 1GB/GTX260+/GTX275. All in all, a whole PC set with around RM3~4K including 22" WS LCD 1920x1080 should be more than enough, infact overkilling actually due to the high investment you will need to fork out first. What’s more, environment is very important as well. Must be clean, well organized, having cold air-con, drinks/food/Astro(optional) etc.

first i7 cc in msia in miri? cool~!

Then if calculate complete costs including license renovation computers everything how much would it costs to open a cc nowadays??

charge RM1 per hour will be great…
Dont later charge RM4 perhour LOL

  1. Let customer satisfied how powerful is i7
  2. Be the 1st is malaysia with i7 Cybercafe
  3. great enviroment.
  4. 1st 22" in miri.
  5. ATI 4890 GC.