WtB- Cat Paw Glove?

Hello MCs, anyone know where i can get cat paw gloves in miri ? and around how much.

looks something like this

Hi clee, the cat paw gloves that you’re looking for is cute! I would like to have one too for collection if there’s any available in Miri. :slight_smile:

is this for cat?

Having said that… so I can’t get it anywhere at Miri huh? sad.

no this is for human.

Last time i got see few at imperial mall… Inside boulevard mall toy section last time got sell but now i’m not sure if still have… and the black coloured shop at the corner infront of imperial food court also got sell… Have to check if they are still selling it…

bo peep bo peep~ O bo peep bo peep~ ah ah :slight_smile:


Really?? Thanks for the info!!! Gonna hunt it over the weekend cross finger and squeals


Ee… you just revealed my intention shy shy