WTB Can i find this in Miri?

Can anyone please let me know where i can buy sword or knife in Miri for decorative purpose.I know can find online but i am worried it might not go through custom check or something like that coz never order things like that before.If got shop or people in Miri selling please kindly reply here.
Something like the picture below.



Nice sets to add to collections! :slight_smile: But these are considered as weapons and I doubt they can go through the customs clearance :?:

ur can find it at semporna…

Details pmed.

Quality assurance but pricy.

Semporna,Sabah?Didn’t go there.thanks anyway.

[quote=“gameaddict”]Details pmed.
Quality assurance but pricy.[/quote]
No problem with airport check?i mean would it be detained at airport or customs?Please let me know coz u ordered before.


The 4 katana i ordered from Cellystore arrive without problem. The last one i ordered is last year sept.
So far i had no problem dealing with them.

You can contact them, they are trustworthy seller. If cannot send, they will say cannot send. (coz i ask for BB.Gu(n), but they say don’t dare send to East M.

Conclusion : If you scare to move forward, you will achieve nothing.

Cellystore’s boss told me he not sure can get pass the check or not,chance 50/50.

somebody please help!

You can go to Bintang Mega Mall new wing near the escalator there. Donnot with floor. 2nd or 3rd fornget already.

Really,thank u.

Already went there,not very nice the katana sold there.