[WTB]Bought from athrun

Im helping my friend to buy psp 100. His budget is around 250-300. The less the better.Not more than that as his budget very limited. Thanks

erm…my friend hv a psp wana let go at rm330…intrested pm me…thx

buy new one lah,psp 3006 new whole set only rm550 with 16gb card and full games inside.
can PM me if interested.

nope.my firend budget very limited ,thx


that’s a very tight budget…

yeah he has very limited budget.i hope someone can let go his beloved psp 2k/3k. if 1k can get 200-250

Looking for psp 1000

Yeah,buy 2nd hand if got problem then you will regret,keep looking bro and for a budget 200-250 i dont think you’ll get quality item.Good luck!

Fully hacked psp is quite expensive I must say…

well just bought psp 1000 for rm250 …very good quality. now looking another one for my fren too… if not fully hacked its okay. i can install cfw myself


What price u offer.?


psp model 2000 able to play download games , rm 300 without charger … drop me a message if interested

psp model 3006 rm350 without charger … if interest pm me…

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