[wtb] bmx bikes

who ever still keep BMX bikes gt,haro,mongoose,KHE, bla bla…? wts? can post up pic here… :smiley:

you want to buy?..

of course he want to buy :mrgreen:

ok, near Boulevard got a shop
town area also

20v no more fun and wana go green on the environment??

tony…yup go green :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

[quote=“NKhero”]ok, near Boulevard got a shop
town area also[/quote]

im loking for used 1…bcoz i believe…mirian still keep the old stock n old design 1…the 1 at the shop mostly are new brand n china summore…

i just bought mine in KL, but it’s mtb. later can tsuiso with TS. :lol:

nowadays every1 is looking for bicycle, y huh? yup today’s brand is lawya 1, all china brand which doesnt last long. mine mtb still working since 2003, but i left it in miri. wish i can ship it here. :?

do you do vert, freestyle, flatland, dirst or cruiser?..

maybe you should get online, very cheap from states or Aussie
I had a Redline very nice