[wtb]bb 8520/9300

found! :mrgreen:

Aku ada BB9300. . Ready with two batteries pack and one very cute casing. . Contact me to offer your price. . 010-595 7777. . Thank you.

I’ve both recond set…8520 for 599,9300 for 668…nett price…full set,1 year warranty…SMS me 0168729989 if u’re interested.tq

ming,brand new kah bos?

you can go to Imperial Mall…if im not mistaken for BB8520 is RM5++ something …and at emart for BB9300 is Rm799…Original…:slight_smile:

Nope sir,for the price I offer, u see in the market r mostly all recond which dey sell like brand new…n bro Harrison,my brothers have shops in both imperial mall n emart…hehe

im looking for 2nd hand only… as long in good condition :smiley:

Er,How much do u think dey can offer for 2nd hand?cheap ka?nt much difference rite?

Not sure bro… :slight_smile:

Not sure bro… :)[/quote]


Selling used BB8520 @ rm280. With box, new original earphone, charger.


sms me again those who sms me that day :slight_smile:

pm me brapa

Give me ur best offer :slight_smile:

Still available? How many years used and any Pic. PM me if price still maintain.


halo halo…